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Experts Recommend Full Body Massage To Couples Who Want To Improve Their Relationship [VIDEO]


Sayuri Naruse and Dr. Mark Moss from the Northumbria University claim that a full body massage improves romantic relationships. In their study, which was presented at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference in Brighton, Naruse explained that the benefits of professional therapies are only the same as to that of the normal massages done by couples.

According to Science Daily, a total of 38 participants accomplished a three-week full body massage course. In the process, the experts examined their wellbeing through questionnaires before and after the sessions. Eight areas of physical and mental health, stress, coping, and relationship satisfactions were assessed.

Aside from alleviating back pain and making one feel like a new person, massage sessions now provide new benefits. Not only does it improve one's physical and mental wellbeing, it also cures some of the common emotional stress brought about by misunderstandings in relationships.

Per Metro, both the apparent stress and coping abilities of the couples studied were positively impacted by massage sessions. Moreover, none of those factors had considerably decreased by the time a follow-up questionnaire was completed three weeks after. The participants also found out that their physical and emotional wellbeing had improved after every "rubbing" activity.

Interestingly, the results were the same on both sides. Either the one who does the massage or the one receiving it has experienced renewed feelings towards their relationship. All in all, 91 percent of the couples in the study said that they would recommend mutual massage sessions to their friends and relatives.

Previous studies actually claim that couples tend to operate as a pair whenever they cope up with stress. The researchers then concluded that a massage is a simple but effective way to show love for one another. Lastly, for the record, 74 percent of the participants have continued the activity even after the course had finished.

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