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Microsoft Has Launched Windows 10 S, A Direct Counter Attack For Chrome OS; OS Suitable For Students And Teachers [VIDEO]


Microsoft has rolled out the Windows 10 S, the tech company's operating system that is a direct counter attack for Google's Chrome OS. The Microsoft Windows 10 S is the tech giant's answer for a simple, low-end operating system which will cater the education market as well.

Tech fans and experts previously called the Microsoft Windows 10 S as Windows 10 Cloud. Nonetheless, Microsoft officially rolled out the Windows 10 S in the event in New York City. Microsoft's Window chief, Terry Myerson, stated that the basic difference of Windows 10 S from Windows 10 is that it will just run apps that are downloaded from the Windows Store. Myerson also made it known that desktop apps will still run on the Windows 10 S, given the apps will be specially listed and packaged in the Windows Store, The Verge reported.

Myerson even claimed that this latest OS version is the soul of today's Windows. The reason for the exclusivity of the Windows 10 S is to provide the device with more consistent security, battery life, as well as performance. The Microsoft Windows 10 S is promising a fast log-in time to its users. The new OS will boot 15 seconds faster compared to a comparable machine running Windows 10 Pro.

The latest Windows version is a full-fledged version of Windows 10, which is designed for low-cost computers and education-oriented PCs. The Windows 10 S can even run on some premium computers, such as Microsoft's new Surface Laptop. The Windows 10 S will come along with a Microsoft BitLocker encryption system for securing a person's file, The Guardian reported.

Furthermore, as the Redmond, Washington based tech titan aims to compete with Chrome OS, the tech company created the Microsoft Windows 10 S to be lightweight and streamlined, which is suitable for students and teachers. That being said, Microsoft's Windows 10 S will be up for grabs for third party computer manufacturers such as the Asus, Samsung, Dell, Toshiba and Acer.

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