How To Keep Clients Interested: University Of Kansas Paves Way For New Marketing Strategies [VDEO]]


Marketing and consumer behavior experts at the University of Kansas conduct a study that reveals the advantages and disadvantages of having a good memory. Apparently, people with better abilities to remember memories get tired of experiences quickly. What does that mean?

Specifically done to help marketers keep the attention and interest of their clients, the University of Kansas reported that both the producers and the consumers will benefit from this research. For one, it describes how better memories affect one's capacity to feel satisfied with products and food. To better illustrate, distractions in advertisements "might help" marketers break up the gratification process of consumers because they disrupt the memory.

Noelle Nelson, the lead author, added that while her team did not particularly study overeating or unhealthy foods, the findings should extend to these types of experiences. Nelson noted that overeating is psychological. Thus, a mental solution could help people control their eating habits. Do note that people could just remember the feeling of the last several times they ate which may cause them to lose their appetites quicker.

On the other hand, Nelson had a co-author named Joseph Redden. Per Nature World News, the researchers conducted four separate experiments in total. They have measured people's working memory capacities such as how well they could remember a string of letters or how they performed on the Simon memory game. The latter requires participants to repeat a series of tones and lights.

The participants, who were undergraduate students, then performed a task wherein they would eventually become tired of what they do. Some of these exercises include viewing of paintings and listening to music over and over again. In the end, the experts concluded that those with larger memory capacities perceive that they have experienced things more times just because they remember better.

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