iOS 10 Jailbreak Reportedly Coming Soon; Pangu is All Set after Apple Launches The Next Software Update [VIDEO]


Finally, Pangu reportedly has good news for jailbreaking community. It is revealed that the Chinese hacking team is all set for iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak tool.

It seems like the realm of jailbreaking is not all quiet as the latest update on Pangu team suggests that Janus jailbreak will be launched soon. A few online publications managed to dig up the information from familiar sources and learned that the team is waiting for the next Apple software update - which means iOS 10.3.2.

More Evidence on iOS 10 Jailbreak Release

Another evidence is a short video teaser that demonstrated a jailbreak working on an iPhone handset. It somehow suggests users not to upgrade their firmware just yet if they desperately want to jailbreak their iOS devices, iRedDrop reported.

This is quite a surprise since the community is waiting for the next move from Yalu102. So far, Yalu102 has been the only hacker that constantly updates their progress via Twitter. In the meantime, iPhone users should be aware of the fake sites that claim to have the iOS 10 jailbreak software. Until today, not even Luca Todesco could release a stable jailbreak tool for iOS 10.

Apple APFS and The Uncrackable Design

The jailbreaking community is threatened with Apple's new File System (APFS) that makes the iOS seemingly unbreakable. The APFS is reportedly designed with critical security in mind - taking privacy to another level, CultOfMac reported.

Nonetheless, experts have come to believe that APFS is not that perfect and hackers might still find flaws. For instance, the APFS is not compatible for startup disks or fusion drives but the upgrades do bring impacts on iOS firmware that none of the reputable hackers manage to infiltrate.  

This week, the community should wait for further announcement from Pangu as the team prepares for iOS 10 jailbreak release.

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