Google Pixel 2 Release Date Reportedly Pushed Back; Google's Change of Plan could Affect The Flagship's Future [VIDEO]


The fans were excited to find out that Google still care about the Pixel successor but recent news about its Head of Division leaving the company might hint at something else. The Google Pixel 2 will still be released but with an uncertain time window.

David Foster was supposed to run the entire Pixel phone division before he left to join Amazon. The news has made a string of speculations consisting of the Google Pixel fate, the company's future plans and everything else in between.

Now that Rick Osterloh steers the wheel, Google Pixel 2 release date will still be on track with one warning, it will be expensive. According to a few sources, Google will introduce three models, one of which, will sport a huge display while squeezing the power inside a thinner body, Forbes reported.

If the rumors of Pixel 2 XXL come true, it can actually compete with Galaxy S8+ with 6.2-inch display but Google handset could win with the tweaks in camera software. The current Pixel has the best camera and there is no reason for the successor not to surpass the DxOMark score.

Under the hood, Google Pixel 2 will definitely come with a Snapdragon 835 processor. Google should make sure that the Pixel successor meets the fans' demand. There has been audio problem in the current Pixel as complained by a few users and a few reported supply shortage of the handsets, BGR reported.

According to a recent leak, there is indeed, the physical Pixel 2 on test. The prototype was revealed by Slashgear which unofficially confirmed that the next-gen flagship will run on Android O. The evidence is still vague especially when the leaked information only mentioned 'walleye device' without a brief suggestion. Google remains mum and there is no hint that the company will unveil Google Pixel 2 anytime soon. With all of that being said, an early launch is highly unlikely.

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