MacBook Pro 2017 Update: Major Overhaul could Mean No Physical Keys [VIDEO]


We have heard about the Touch Bar revamped, the slimmer design and any other cutting-edge upgrades expected in the next MacBook Pro. However, the prediction that makes sense the most, is the concept of no physical keys.

Will Apple Remove The Physical Keys?

Connecting the dots looking backward, Bloomberg has learned from a familiar source that Apple could be working on a flatter keyboard. The update reportedly includes enhancements in Apple Pencil and it will be a benefit for creative pro for drawing and writing. Moreover, Apple is said to be advancing MacBook Pro 2017 trackpad. Not just a sketchy rumor but it is revealed that Apple patent suggests new trackpad features which fans assumed it will be a lot bigger than the current one.

With all of the stories being said, it is safe for fans to assume that Apple could be ditching the physical buttons to make room for a bigger trackpad. With no physical keyboard, the MacBook Pro 2017 will be compatible with Apple Pencil - giving users the flexibility to use Photoshop and other apps without limitations, Trusted Reviews reported.

Apple might have decided the fate of MacBook Pro 2017 but before the physical laptop appears, it is anyone guesses to verdict the kinds of a radical overhaul that Apple plans to show off this year. Under the hood, Intel Kaby Lake chip could be making a debut in the Cupertino's flagship laptop.

The MacBook could support a bigger RAM although this is unlikely but a memory bump would mean so much for the evangelists as it would work well with the rest upgraded configurations. The current MacBook Pro is looking gorgeous as ever and it is safe to assume that the MacBook Pro 2017 will rule the laptop design, much thinner and sleeker, Recombu reported.

MacBook Pro 2017 Release Date

Apple is expected to introduce the next-gen MacBook in Q4 2017.

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