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Legendary 'Pokemon GO', Summer Event Update: Shiny Pokemon, Something Special, Entirely New Feature [VIDEO]


Legendary "Pokemon GO" will reportedly arrive soon as Niantic has hinted at a special event. The rumor of new features coming to the Summer Event is getting stronger after a new leak surfaced.

After treating the players with special stuff, the AR mobile game will have something big in store for this summer. As confirmed by Yoshiji Kawashima, Niantic General Manager for Asia hopes to make fans excited for the upcoming event.

Legendary "Pokemon GO" Reportedly Coming This Summer

"Pokemon GO" avid fans have learned that Niantic will introduce a few legendary Pokemons including the Shiny Pokemon. It was also revealed that there will be a new feature, raids, that has something to do with the Gym. It is reported that the raid function could be a cooperative social gameplay that Niantic has been working on before the Spring release. The feature is absent in the current gameplay and in the coming months, players can expect an entirely new thing coming to "Pokemon GO", Express reported.

More Features Added

Additionally, the PvP battle will also have an imminent release date according to the game's director, John Hanke. It looks like the legendary "Pokemon GO" will invade the summer since no other AR game could beat its popularity. So far, there is no fierce rival that could dethrone these pocket monsters. Thus, this year will still be a fun year for Pokemon catchers albeit the declining users, Forbes reported.

About "Pokemon GO"

"Pokemon GO" is a free mobile app launched in July 2016. The game becomes a blockbuster as it uses the location-based system to discover pocket monsters by requiring Trainers to explore, walk around and catch them all. The global game is available for iOS and Android platforms.

Stay tuned for more legendary "Pokemon GO" announcements and check out the latest updates in the video below!

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