'Batman: Arkham Insurgency' Plot; Update, Release Date: More Details on Owlman; Batmobile [VIDEO]


This year will see another "Batman Arkham" franchise as Rocksteady reportedly develops the prequel entitled "Batman: Arkham Insurgency". There have been leaks on the plot and setting that seemingly suggest the Batman alternate is the strongest villain.

"Batman: Arkham Insurgency" Map and Storyline Leaked

As per leaks, the setting takes place around Gotham's coastal area which has not been explored before. It is reported that Wayne Manor is accessible with fast travel. As for the story, it occurs at Blackgate where a mass breakout happens, CulturedVultures reported.

Taking place three years after the Origins, the Arkham saga will include Robin as a new playable character. He will be helping Batman in rescuing the town from criminals whilst both finding out the truth about Courts of Owl, WhatCulture reported.

Batman's Strongest Villain Revealed

Multiple sources confirmed that the main villain is the Owlman but Joker will also be making an appearance in "Batman: Arkham Insurgency". The speedy Batmobile is making its way back to basic with less tank-like design.

People are curious about the Owlman in particular but leaks hint that the man is Batman alternate from another universe. The evil has appeared a few times with different versions of death. Hence, this will likely be an interesting gameplay as players will not find out the truth until the end, whether Owlman is killed by a weapon explosion or returned to his dimension.  

Will "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" Make A Hit Like The "Origins"?

There has been opinion debate among the fans. Half of them were hoping that Rocksteady would unveil a Superman title. According to a few fans, they hoped that dev will create a new DC title instead of continuing the "Batman Arkham" franchise.

Check out more details on "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" leaks and updates in the video below!

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