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Google Home’s Issues In Going Head-To-Head With Amazon's Echo Speaker; Google Home With Wi-Fi Mesh Feature [VIDEO]


The voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant, dubbed as the Google Home, is now up for grabs in the U.K. and is going to compete with Amazon's Echo speaker. Nonetheless, there's a problem with Google Home that could stop a person from buying the device.

Google officially launched the Google Home late last year, and the device is finally available in the U.K. Just like the hands-free speaker, Amazon Echo, Google Home is powered by voice commands and can play music, organize daily routines and search the web through speech.

Google Home has been tested and the result was impressive with many of its features. Making an inquiry for weather reports, local shop opening times and travel updates all get a useful response to Google Home, which is loaded with the latest information, Express reported.

Nevertheless, for all its greatness, there is an issue and it could be enough to stop a person from purchasing the device. In utilizing the Google Home, a person must have to say, OK Google, which users were irritated after a while.

Most other personal assistants, from the likes of Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri, this makes talking to the devices much more personal. Every time a person shouts OK Google feels so unnatural. The responses of Google Home can also sound robotic and the device is not as friendly as Amazon Echo.

In spite of that, Alphabet Inc. is reportedly working on a few features for Google Home. By leveraging the Google Wifi technology and porting it to the voice-activated speaker, Google hopes to bring mesh Wi-Fi as an edge over Amazon's Echo, 1 Red Drop reported.

If the Mesh Wi-Fi technology is ported into Google Home, users will save a lot of money. Also, the Wi-Fi connection will cover a larger area than before. Nonetheless, there's a possibility that Amazon Echo will get the same technology very soon.

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