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NOAA Asks Skippers To Be Extra Careful To Avoid Hitting Endangered Right Whales [Video]


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) asks marine vessels to keep an eye for right whales to avoid hitting them. Apparently, researchers hint that the baby North Atlantic whale, found dead in Massachusetts, may have been a victim of boat collision or rope entanglement. Therefore, being vigilant while cruising the sea may help save these endangered species.

NOAA then stressed that bruises and blunt trauma could be evidence of a ship strike. Do note that the right whales are now included in the world's endangered list. With that in mind, CBC reported that the 27-foot long, 1-year-old female whale that was spotted lifeless in Cape Cod Bay is just another addition to the dwindling population.

It was eventually towed to a harbor and then transported to a research center via a flatbed truck. The final findings are expected to be released after a few more weeks. This species of whale grows up to 50 feet and weighs nearly 80 tons.

On the other hand, Martha's Vineyard Patch reported that just about 523 right whales are remaining on Earth. Fortunately, researchers have been seeing good signs for the marine mammal's survival. The Center for Coastal Studies recorded 112 sightings in Cape Cod Bay on April 9. Additionally, just last Saturday, a new record of 206 similar whales was marked.

For the record, the whales were nearly hunted to extinction in the 1800s. The countries agreed to permanently halt the hunt in 1935. Thus, in 1992, their population bounced back to 295.These types of marine mammals are commonly found between Nova Scotia and Georgia.

While biologists are encouraged by the sightings, they are also worried. The abundance of whales concentrated in one area provides higher chances of boat collisions. Just like what happened to the calf found dead on Thursday, other whales may experience the same propeller strike.

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