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Tesla Unveils Its Latest Line Of Solar Panels [Video]


Tesla would generally want homeowners who would want to shift to renewable energy to have used their line of solar roof tiles Elon Musk introduced back in 2016, however said solar roof shingles will not be available until the end of the year, the company will reportedly begin taking pre-orders next month in May.

If for some reason you cannot wait for solar roof tiles, Tesla quietly released new solar panels this week. The new panels are touted to be "barely visible" therefore taking the "ugly out of solar." Apart from releasing a few pictures and very limited technical specifications, the company has not released much information about the new solar panels, except that the solar panels offer seamless integration, Powerwall.

The Motley Fool reported that the new panels are not actually manufactured by Tesla, but Panasonic only exclusively sold through Tesla, the solar panels they say comes from Panasonic's own plants and not from the Gigafactory 2, which is slated to start production this summer.

The solar panels employ invisible mounting hardware with integrated front skirts that blend seamlessly into any roof, providing a cleaner and streamlined look. According to Futurism, the solar roofs were originally created by Zep Solar, which was acquired by SolarCity before Tesla acquired the entire package.

The panels reportedly utilize technologies that SolarCity acquired when it was still operating as an independent company. Tesla claims the panels generate 325 watts that exceed industry standards for durability and lifespan. The "non-Tesla" panels from Panasonic delivers 21.76 percent efficiency and carries with it a 25-year power output warranty, Popular Mechanics reported.

Furthermore, this latest piece of equipment moves Tesla's one-stop-shop plan for all sustainable energy needs. Elon Musk has also been making waves by offering to solve power problems for entire countries, reports say that several world leaders are considering Musk's offer seriously.

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