Potentially Hazardous Asteroid And Comet Will Pass By Earth Same Day [VIDEO]

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A potentially hazardous asteroid, which is as big as the Rock of Gibraltar, will pass by Earth in an uncomfortably close distance on 19 of April. Not only that, a comet will also shoot pass Earth on the same date. Although both celestial bodies will not collide with Earth, the asteroid is still frightening especially because of its size. 

According to NASA, the potentially hazardous asteroid, which was named 2014-JO25, is 2,000 feet across and will only be 1.1 million miles away from Earth this 19 of April, NDTV reported. It only means that 2014-JO25 will be five times closer to Earth than the Moon. The asteroid will continue its journey towards the center of the Solar System as it looped around the sun and pass by our planet and Jupiter.

Not only will an asteroid pass by Earth at a close distance on 19 of April, according to recent reports, a comet will also be passing by Earth on the same day. But scientists said it will be at a safe distance of 109 million miles. The comet, which was named PanSTARRS will be visible in the dawn sky for spectators with binoculars or small telescopes. 

According to NASA scientists, asteroid 2014-JO25 will be twice as reflective as the moon. This is good news to those who want to lay their eyes on the floating Rock of Gibraltar, Phys Org reported. The asteroid is visible through a small optical telescope at least two nights before it moves out of range.

The last time an asteroid as big as this one passed by Earth was in 2004 with four lunar distances. The next time will be before 2027, which will only be at one lunar distance. No asteroids are reported to collide with our planet any time soon, which only means Michael Bay's 'Armageddon' remains a work of fiction. 

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