University of Southern California Experts Discuss Drone Ethics, More [VIDEO]

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Drones are used for almost everything from package deliveries to Super Bowl halftime shows. With this, University of Southern California experts are discussing how drone ethics work. This includes privacy, public safety, storytelling, and even its flight.

When it comes to drone ethics, the question is what are its boundaries and limits. Just pointing a flashlight to someone else's property may not be trespassing yet, but floodlighting it for a long time is nuisance. This could apply to flying a drone five feet high to someone else's property, which could be considered trespass, USC News reported.

This is because drones that are flying low enough to photograph someone else's property is an issue of intrusion upon seclusion. A person who is in his own backyard, but is observing someone else using binoculars raises the issue of intrusion upon seclusion.

Drones can help people do some of the most dangerous things like containing forest fires, coastal surveillance, environmental monitoring, and rescuing victims of collapsed buildings. A group of drones can cover a vast area simultaneously, which is very helpful for situations that need immediate response. This means drones are desirable for activities that are too difficult or dangerous for people to do.

Drones are also very helpful for journalism. Some news companies can't afford to buy their own helicopters, making these unmanned machines the best alternative for covering major events. According to National Press Photographers Association general counsel Mickey Osterreicher, said they consider drones as the natural tool for news gathering in the future, St. Louis Public Radio reported.

Meanwhile, nano-aerodynamics is also a significant factor in discussing drones. The size, the balance, and the stability play big roles in the effectiveness of drones. This means nano-aerodynamics is one of the important features that should be considered when shopping for drones that would help develop whatever companies or individuals need it for.

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