Humboldt County Approves Pilot Education Program for Inmates [VIDEO]


Humboldt County, CA has approved a pilot education program for inmates, who are willing to improve their ability to reintegrate successfully in society after they served their time. The education will be provided through the use of tablets for sentenced and non-sentenced inmates in the county.

The approval of Humboldt county supervisors is in line with other penitentiary's move to start an education program in jails and prisons with the help of technology. It is assumed that through education, inmates would be more easily dissuaded from returning to breaking the law and start a new, productive life. After the approval, the education program will cover all inmates in the facility in hope to aid in their rehabilitation and reintegration in society. One of the major dangers of reintegration of inmates is recidivism, which can lead to recurrence of crime or even commit graver felonies.

This kind of program for prison inmates is not a unique thing in Humboldt county, in various states the same program have been instated and is currently in full swing. County jails such as in Ozaukee county in Wisconsin have already started their education program and they are optimistic at the progress, especially as Wisconsin has almost 100,000 jobs vacancies, which can be easily filled in by educated inmates ready for reintegration. Rehabilitation methods will definitely improve if the education program will be a resounding success.

Though the program is bold and experimental, there are still many who doubt the optimism of its proponents. This is especially with the use of tablets for education as it can be used for unintended purposes by tech-witty inmates. However, as the moment, the pros outweigh the cons and thus many are hopeful that through education, these people will finally have their lives put on the right track and see themselves be successful and far from crime as possible.

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