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iPad Pro 2 As 'Better Than Laptops' Needs These 2 Essential Items; Low-Key Unveiling Expected Soon [VIDEO]


The iPad Pro 2 advertised as "better than laptops" is lacking in two essential items, namely, a proper file management system and a mouse support. Moreover, Apple may go for a low-key unveiling for products aimed at the business sector instead of the whole shebang associated with the iPhone.

Apple has recently released its second collection of 15-seconds Twitter inspired iPad Pro 2 ads. The ads have praised the virtues of the tablet and even went as far as saying "better than laptops" when it comes to productivity tools. However, the current iPad Pro does not even qualify to be a worthy laptop replacement, but the new iteration may soon change this if the ads were to be believed.

The iPad Pro 2 can be "better than laptops" if it can become the killer all-in-one product it claims to be. Apple has been able to make use of the best of iOS and combined it with a true desktop experience. As it is, the tablet functions as an efficient note-taking device via Logitech's Smart Keyboard. However, it still needs two important features to make it the laptop for Pro users, Business Insider reported.

For one, the iPad Pro 2 needs to have a proper file and documents management system that have yet to be offered by iOS. The current OS does not allow the creation of new folders let alone rename them. There is also no means to organize documents according to the users' discretion. iPad or iPhone users still need to have a PC to rename and organize files.

For now, the tablet saves files according to apps used with no means to employ organizational methods. What the iPad Pro 2 needs to be even called a laptop replacement is an app like Finder, which is a one-stop shop for all files and documents. It is actually the most used app for searching files and keeping organized including creating, deleting and rearranging documents.

Another feature that the iPad Pro 2 needs are more input methods like a Bluetooth mouse or Bluetooth trackpad. Apple produces these peripherals but they do not work with the current iPad Pro line. Time-intensive tasks like photo and video editing require multiple presses to the touchscreen, which can cause an arm ache over time even with the Apple Pencil. This is why Steve Jobs refused to add touchscreen on the Mac in the first place.

With these two essential items, the iPad Pro 2 may yet deliver its claim to be "better than laptops" until then it will just be a tablet with a lot of productivity tools. As to when the devices will be released boils down to four choices, which could be this month, in May, WWDC in June or the September Apple event. Observers say that Apple may opt for a low-key unveiling since it is for the business niche and not like the high-filled extravaganza mostly done with iPhone launches, Eweek reported.

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