Microsoft Readies Xbox Project Scorpio For Launch, Announces Big News, Scorpio To Feature Hybrid Drive [VIDEO]

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Good news for Xbox fans, Microsoft is getting some big update this week. The software company this week launched a new breakdown profile page of the upcoming game console, Xbox Project Scorpio, on the company's official website. Microsoft made the big reveal this week.

The Redmond-based software company this week confirmed that the company's upcoming 4K-ready game console, Xbox Project Scorpio, will be launched a new specs profile page on the Microsoft website. The newly launched spec profile page will now list the latest changes made and possibly all the different parts of the new game console, providing a breakdown and full information for Xbox fans who want to know more about the upcoming next-generation console, The Express reported.

Some of the big highlights include a highly customized AMD System-on-Chip on 16nm FinFET and a Polaris-based GPU with 40 Compute units. A Vapor Chamber cooling system, which said to use the advanced liquid cooling system to ensure the console engine stays cool and will not get red hot. Reports said that this is the first time the Vapor Chamber system will be used in a game console, with Xbox Project Scorpio taking the first hit.

Then, there the Centrifugal fan, which provided compresses air to deliver maximum cooling with minimum noise, and the Hovis Method for minimizing power consumption. The website said that the console uses the cutting-edge digital power delivery system, known as Hovis Method, to deliver the custom tunes each console's voltage, the Express added.

Other highlights include a 12 GB GDDR5 memory with a 326 GB/s bandwidth and a massive 1 TB 2.5-inch HDD. As for the media, Microsoft will be bringing a 4K UHD Blu-ray-ready player on the console. But the biggest and perhaps the most controversial of the specs story is the custom x86 Jaguar Evolved 8-core CPU, which made a big headline recently.

The software giant made a lot of noise recently when it announced that its upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio would not feature the much-talked AMD Ryzen. Instead, the software giant has decided to go with the 8-core CPU Jaguar Evolved. This means that AMD will not get some help from Scorpio as the Ryzen has just lost the battle for the game console.

Xbox Project Scorpio is big and has lots of potential The move is expected to impact AMD's advances in the gaming world. Ryzen is AMD's ultimate weapon of choice in its struggle with Nvidia for supremacy in the hotly contested game console market, so the news about Ryzen losing the Scorpio race really hurt.

As for the games and experience, the Xbox Project Scorpio has reportedly been designed from the start to make newer games playable at ultra-high 4K resolutions and at high frame rates, according to The Express. The console will play all Xbox One games. The Scorpio's graphics chip uses an amazing 40 high-speed processing cores to produce the high-definition images, so expect all Xbox One games to be played better in this new console than the previous one.

In other Xbox Project Scorpio-related news, there have been reports that the upcoming next-gen gameconsole, the 4K-ready Xbox Project Scorpios, might feature a customized hard drive with 50% more throughput in order to speedily load native 4K textures and assets. If Scorpio's hard drive get some customization, this mean only one thing- it can swap the stock HDD out with much bigger 2.5-inch hard drives. This is could be possible because games are getting bigger now and require lots of computing power, according to Tweak Town.

As for the hard drive customization, it still unclear what the software giant will be planning for Xbox Project Scorpio. Some have speculated that Microsoft might go with a hybrid drive, which combines both platters and high-speed NAND flash memory into single hardware, to provide a much higher HDD capacities.

Currently, there still no official words yet about what kind of storage tech the Xbox Project Scorpio will be using. The crowd would probably get more details about the new console at the upcoming E3 2017 event this coming June. Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to hit the gaming world later this year.

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