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Male Contraceptive Is 100% Accurate In Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy Without Condom Or Surgery [Video]


As of now, males only have two options for preventing unwanted pregnancy. First is the use of over-the-counter condoms and second is vasectomy. Luckily, a new product comes to life and it is actually better than any method available today.

Otherwise known as Vasalgel, the new birth control method is deemed to be nearly 100 percent effective. Moreover, the process is totally reversible so that when the right time comes, the couple could easily start conception. According to Parsemus Foundation, Vasalgel works by injecting a gel into the vas deferens, the tube wherein sperm passes through during ejaculation.

Parsemus Foundation is the developer of the new male contraceptive. Vasalgel uses a flexible, spongy material that blocks the passage of sperm. Nevertheless, it allows other bodily fluids to come out. Thus, men could still pee or even ejaculate without getting a woman pregnant. In a vasectomy, meanwhile, the vas deferens is cut.

The nature of the installation of Vasalgel makes it very reversible. If a man decides to restore the flow of sperm, the polymer is flushed out of the vas deferens with just another injection. Experts claim that it does not matter whether the gel has stayed in the body for months or years.

On the other hand, Science Alert reported that two tests have already been conducted to prove Vasalgel's worth. The first was done on a dozen rabbits last year, which showed no signs of sperm flow up to 12 months after the procedure. The second trial was done to 16 adult rhesus monkeys wherein nine fertile females failed to get pregnant. Seven more monkeys did not produce an offspring for another year.

Parsemus Foundation acknowledged the fact that rabbits and rhesus monkeys are not exactly humans. However, their biological components are pretty much similar to people. In any case, the developer hopes to test Vasalgel to humans next year. For the record, the new contraceptive was patterned from the Indian RISUG (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance).

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