Students Gear Up For Summer Break 2017, Fun Activities Under The Sun [Video]


Beach balls, flip flops, belly tops, overnights, and water fights - these are just a few of the many activities people could do whenever school is over. Prepare to enjoy the beach with outdoor activities perfect to keep everyone wet and fresh amid this strong summer heat!

Though it is true that countless happenings take place during this season, no one would want to share a mediocre story to their friends once the semester is back. Thus, the University Herald has collated some of the most unique, light, and sweet ideas perfect for the sun and sand. Read on to find out.

Surprise them next sem

Sometimes, students just get too tired and overwhelmed with the workload that they often drop classes. Well, these students may use the vacation to catch up to their classmates through taking summer courses, USA Today reported. While this move means "additional" work now, they would realize that this is actually a preparation to make things "easier" next semester. In fact, they may even impress their friends by being "ahead" in their lessons.

Earn money

Per News Talk 94.9 WSJM, Cedar Point amusement park is hiring at least 5,000 individuals this month. Students actually enjoy part-time jobs as companies pay them for the experience. Moreover, employees of a theme park often get free tickets for family and friends. The good thing is that applicants may just log on to Cedar's official website and fill out an application for a Skype interview.


Probably, there would be no better story to tell than a meaningful travel. People love something new. From new places to new friends, the chance to experience the world is just around the corner. To make things more worthwhile, keep in mind the difference between tourists and true travelers: the former is out for temporary fun while the latter seeks for experiences that would last a lifetime

Additionally, try starting a project like a blog or a YouTube channel. Besides, this season is also the time to do something we've always wanted to do. May it be longboarding, surfing, or skydiving, just do it now.

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