York Student Likely To Have Fallen Into River, Police Claim (UPDATE)


It's been a week since 20-year-old York St. John University student, Megan Roberts, went missing and police officials have not yet found any evidence of her whereabouts. They fear that the student might have fallen into the river while drunk.

Roberts was last seen Jan.23, 2:00 a.m., following a night-out with a group of friends at Popworld bar in George Hudson Street in York. The group had been drinking heavily for several hours before going their separate ways.

"The strongest and most probable line of inquiry being pursued by police is that Megan, affected by alcohol, has entered the river," Superintendent Phil Cain, said, Mirror reports. "The possibility still exists that Megan is elsewhere safe and well but, realistically, given the passage of time, such a possibility is increasingly remote."

Police officials said that  they  haven't found any evidence of foul play. They added that the group of friends she hung out with weren't responsible in any way for the tragedy.

After looking at CCTV footage, Cain said that once the party was over, the group dispersed in different directions. Some of them ran down a street called Tanner's Moat, while Roberts was seen bumping into a row of cycle racks.

"CCTV evidence does not show Megan running back up the same street with the others to rejoin the main group," Cain said.

The police officials are currently searching the river bank close to the Lendal Bridge, where Roberts was last spotted on CCTV.

Roberts who is from Wetherby, West Yorkshire is around 5ft 6in tall, medium build with long dark brown hair. She was last seen wearing a cream knee length, brown and orange floral print dress and black shoes.

The missing report was filed only on Jan 27 after Roberts stopped replying to messages and calls. Her friends thought that she went to visit her ex-boyfriend Jack Darracott, 24, or her mum Jackie in Wetherby.

When Roberts did not turn up for lectures, her friends found this behavior suspicious and contacted her mother immediately. Jackie said that she hasn't been home since Wednesday night. She eventually reported the incident to the police.

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