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Australian Homebuilder Includes Tesla Powerwall In All Its Homes


Tesla and SolarCity, once separate entities were starting to work with homebuilders for the inclusion of their products directly in new homes. After Tesla acquired SolarCity, their efforts were joined to include offering battery packs and solar panels in new constructions.

Homebuilder Arden Homes, an Australian company, is set to give their houses a new twist. The company made it a standard inclusion to every home they build, a Bradford Solar Charge Pack including the Tesla Powerwall in every home they build.

Tesla is a hot name in Australia due to its bid to quickly install-utility scale energy storage to secure the country's energy problems. Since Arden Homes' news, the arrival of Tesla's Powerwall for residential use is fast becoming the focus of interest, along with its partnership with Bradford Solar, certified Tesla Powerwall reseller and solar installer, Electrek reported.

According to Tesla Energy's website, the Tesla Powerwall is designed to store energy at a residential level for self-consumption of solar power generation; it also functions as an emergency backup power, load shifting, and other applications. The Powerwall could prove to be advantageous for the Australian household due to its energy crisis.

Futurism reported that the Powerwall helps homeowners slash their electric bill by as much as 92 percent simply by charging batteries during periods of low rate and discharging during high rate periods. The system liberates the user from totally depending on the grid for their power needs.

Arden Homes move would truly be advantageous in a country like Australia. It has the highest penetration of rooftop solar per capita. Reportedly 15 percent of households down under are actively using solar, that is 1.5 million homes. Information released late last year indicated that electricity generated in Australian solar homes using a Tesla Powerwall 2 is cost-competitive with the grid.

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