Yale University Students May Have Found A Natural Hangover Cure


Two students at Yale University claimed that they have found a natural cure for hangovers. The inventors created a citrus-flavored drink to combat the result of social nights of drinking.

The seniors, Liam McClintock and Margaret Morse, collaborated with Yale alumni, professors and a pharmaceutical manufacturer. They created SunUp, which is a natural, citrus-flavored powder supplement that dissolves in water, the group's Indiegogo page wrote.

The team noted that they are passionate about ending hangovers and increasing productivity. The project is intended to launch their anti-hangover formula, which is still waiting for a patent. They want to prevent the damaging effects of alcohol on the body, terrible feelings of hangover and productivity lost because of alcohol hangovers.

SunUp's ingredients include L-Glutamine, Vitamin C, Mung bean powder and zinc, among others. The team was able to come up with their hangover cure after studying about the physiological effects of alcohol on the body. They also published their findings, which can be read here.

They are crowdsourcing for funds since the pharmaceutical manufacturer requires $20,000 to produce a minimum production of their product. The cost would cover packaging, flavoring, blending the formula as well as certifying its safety for consumption. Those who donate would also be technically pre-ordering SunUp.

The Yale University students are looking at delivering the product on or before the end of April. The rewards also include a pass to the product's kickoff launch party at the university. The product is expected to be priced at $5 per serving.

According to News 8, the product focuses on the four root causes of hangovers: acetaldehyde build up, vitamin and electrolyte loss, glutamine rebound and immunological disturbances. SunUp helps the livers of consumers deal with the stress that it faces when alcohol is consumed.

Morse, a molecular cellular and developmental biology major, said that their product lessens the fatigue that people normally feel. It also reduces the possibility of nausea and headaches.

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