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Time Magazine: List of Technology Flops of All Time


In the first decade of the 21st century, there are huge breakthroughs that changed the world forever. However, amid the massive advances in technology, there are those quirks in fabric of space-time that made it possible for Time Magazine to compile a list of technology marvels of failure.


According to Time magazine's list, MySpace is among the fails of the decade. Though, technically Myscape is still on the map, though it has far left the limelight. Myspace is a social website and the predecessor of other social sharing site particularly Facebook. Though Friendster is more of the failure, Time placed Myspace at their list because of how its flame died out because of management problem. Facebook overtook the said website in 2009 when it attracted millions of users almost every day.


Before Gmail and Yahoo mail became popular, AOL was the most popular email service provider. The "you got mail," alert became an icon, however the catchy ringtone wasn't enough to save the company from going under. According to a report by the BBC, AOL, which is now a Yahoo company is now called Oath, thankfully as its previous management didn't actually did a good job in maintaining its email service lead when Google and Yahoo came into the picture.


Before iTunes or any file sharing app, there was Napster. This ancient relic of the early 21st century, was the go to place for getting the files people need. However, when Apple started its iTunes service, Napster's shine quickly dimmed. The failure of Napster is due to the unrestricted file sharing service, which allowed even copyrighted material to get shared online. The company rashly changed its policy to a subscription based service thus killed off its last sputtering signs of life. Apple learned from Napster's destruction and now manages one of the best music and video sharing app in the planet today.

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