Institute for Cancer Research Joins Top Rank List in Making Discoveries For Patients


The ICR or Institute for Cancer Research is now considered to be the top ranked research facility that provides discoveries for patients today. The fight against cancer is gaining momentum today, especially with the US, doubling down on cancer research to expedite the development of treatment and finally a cure.

The Institute for Cancer Research have been in the forefront of discoveries in cancer research because of its ability to work with industries in general. This is according to a poll posted by the Times Higher Education rankings placing the instate among the top research facility in active collaboration with industries. This is an important factor in medical development as the main obstacle for providing the cure for cancer is if the cure itself is affordable to begin with.

At the moment, major cancer treatments are out of reach to people in the lower echelons of society, where most of the death come from. However, with the growing force backing up cancer research, this might change in the near future.

As reported by Live Science, former Vice president Joe Biden urges everyone, especially the current administration to double down on cancer research. Despite the budget cuts being proposed by the Trump administration, the former VP desires that the budget for cancer research be increased to the maximum limit the government can provide.

The current administration proposes a massive $5.8 billion budget cut on Health, which will affect cancer research as a result. Proposed 2018 budget will definitely be a blow on the progress on various research in medicine, especially on cancer, which is among the top reasons for death in the country. With this looming in the horizon, hopes for finding the ultimate cure for cancer rests on foreign research facilities such as the Institute for Cancer Research based in London.

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