Durnham School Reviews Student Privacy Policy to Cope with Stricter Immigration Laws


The Durham School board plans to review their student privacy policy to cope with the stricter immigration laws put forward by President Trump. The school hopes to change some of its policies to better respond to sharing student's private information with the police, customs and immigration officers.

Durnham school educators have promptly reacted to the growing immigration issue by reviewing the policies of the school to better protect student's privacy in the midst of the stringent immigration policy towars illegals. The group of educators as reported by the News Observer, put forward a nine recommendations that will upgrade the existing policies in the school.

The part of the policy is requiring law enforcement officers to provide adequate interpreters for students with limited English capability, a show of warrant when seeking private information and informing parents in their respective native language when acquiring student information. These are part of the recommendations put forward by the group to ensure the right to privacy of the students and the right to due process, which are all stated in the US constitution.

Due to the ongoing policy of the US government against illegal immigrants, immigration lawyer is being strained to its limits, the Washington Post reports. Letting students, who will come across the immigration interrogation, to fend on their own might is not what Durnham educators wish, so that these policies are being proposed to give adequate protection against abuse.

As the current administration continues its immigration policy, a significant drop of student enrollees among foreigners are being felt. Many universities and colleges have blamed the significant drop to the growing anti-immigrant atmosphere in the US. However, schools like Durnham will continue its policy of providing education to all people, even to those who society may deem unfit for permanent stay in the country.

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