How A Brooklyn College Student Got Accepted In 11 Medical Schools


Getting accpeted in one medical school is already hard, but a 21 year old student got acceptance nods from 11 medical schools. Chelsea Batista from Brooklyn is now weighing all her options after getting positive feedback from the top medical schools in her area.

Batista is a senior student at the Macauley Honors Program at Brooklyn College. She applied to a total of 18 schools and was scheduled for interviews for 16, according to One News Page. The offers she got were from Columbia, Einstein, NYU, Weill Cornell and Stony Brook which mostly have an acceptance rate of below 3 percent. She attended a program at Brooklyn Tech High School because of her desire to pursue a career in medicine. As to how she beat the odds and made her success happen are because of these things, according to CNBC.

Start early

It was junior high she knew she wanted to have a career in medical sciences so she attended a gateway-to-medicine program. Before she even started college, she also joined and actively participated in summer programs at medical schools.

Views pre-requisites as opportunities

According to Batista, medical schools really have a lot of requirements and she made these requirements work for her by looking at them as opportunities to find growth.

Give your best when doing your homework

Batista also said that a lot of students are not really exerting a lot of effort when it comes to their homework, as well as during their study time for exam and that is why they feel more left behind. Her advice is to focus on homework the way everyone should would save them time and stress.

Be strategic about money

Batista is currently debt free because she received two full scholarships for medical schools. She said that she made is happen by focusing on doing everything to achieve what she wants.

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