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Robots May Cause Rise In Unemployment In 15 years Unless Students Learn To Adapt


The rise of automation in the workplace, unemployment may rise unless the education system are tweaked to teach students today how to adapt to this looming future. According to statistical analysis, as high as a third of all jobs in the US might be replaced by automation.

As President Trump continues his policy of bringing jobs back to America, jobs inside the US itself might be taken away surprisingly by technology itself. In a report published by the LA Times, that there are more job sectors in the United States that are in risk of being automated by robots. One such job is the trucking service, were automated technology can be used to replace erring human drivers. Even jobs in factories and storage management are in threat of automation as technology continues to improve in the fields of robotics.

Because of this inevitability, colleges are pressured more to teach students today on how to adapt to a possibly automated future. Euronews reports that the level of technological know-how of people need to improve. In a survey, seven out of ten workers need digital skill improvement to cope with the increasing technology. This is why students and job workers today should start to brush up on their computer and technology skills for them to have an edge in the corporate world. It has been forecasted that in 15 years many job sectors such as in the food industry, agriculture and manufacturing will be completely automated, ending the careers of thousands if not millions of people who only provide manual work.

As the advance of technology continue to leap forward, the future is leaning towards the proliferation of robotics in many sectors in society. It is important for people to adapt also with the growing technological trend and continue to be ahead of the changing times in order to survive and still be productive in a highly automated world.

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