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Music Therapy: Apple Launches App With Background Tunes For 15 'Moods'


The Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine recently conducted a research project in partnership with Mount Sinai Department of Orthopedics. The experts claim the music therapy should be added to postoperative pain treatment. Apparently, activities involving music can decrease the pain in patients recovering from surgeries, particularly those affecting the spine.

Per Science Times, 30 spine surgery patients were asked to listen to a soundtrack for 30 minutes. The visual analog scale (VAS) pain ratings moved up slightly from 5.20 to 5.87 in the control group without music. Those who listened had a lower VAS from 6.20 to 5.09.

Meanwhile, Apple launches a new App called "Moodelizer" to let iOS fans create customizable background soundtracks for a particular mood. Moreover, the tracks are almost professional-sounding. Well, iPhone users now have one of the best ways to distress through music therapy.

For those whose lives are a little bumpy at the moment, it may be helpful to play soothing soundtracks and just let the feelings set in. Besides, the only way to let them out is to let them in first. People who also feel "contained" in their office works might want to try this new app for music therapy.

The Verge reported that Apple already launched "Moodelizer" earlier this month. However, the Cupertino-based company officially announced the product just before April 1. It offers a wide array of music to play during any moment you want to record what you feel.

For one thing, the app provides 15 "moods" like laugh tracks, romantic ballads, and techno club beats. Apple reportedly relied on a network of 50 composers worldwide to complete these free soundtracks. Meanwhile, different brands could, in fact, sponsor them or artists could release limited editions.

Apparently, "Moodelizer" is easy to understand. Users just need to pick whatever background track they want and they can start recording videos right away. Eventually, they can share it on any social media site. Also, the files are saved in a perfect Instagram square.

Basically, the app is for creating content around a background music which makes it more significant. Though, the featured tracks really complement the mood they correspond. Thus, it makes people "feel" the emotions in the recordings more.

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