Asteroid Sharing Orbital Path With Jupiter Revolves The Giant Plamrt The Wrong Way


Scientists have recently discovered an asteroid revolving Jupiter, which is traveling in the opposite direction as to other space objects revolving the gas giant. The discovery raises questions in the astronomical society, as to what cause the peculiar movement of this asteroid temporarily called "BZ."

According to Science News, the asteroid was first discovered in 1995, by the Pan-STARRS observatory and in cooperation with researchers at the Large Binocular Telescope in Mount Graham International Observatory in Arizona. They also have finally confirmed that indeed the asteroid is in a retrograde orbit opposite to all the planets and asteroids that are also orbit Jupiter.

Dr. Paul Wiegert, leader of the international team of researchers have compared Jupiter and its system of asteroids as one giant monster truck with a host of cars moving alongside it. Analysis and observations also pointed out that it is a miracle that the asteroid hadn't had any major collision in the last few millions of years it has been revolving in such an orbit.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar system. According to NASA, Jupiter has so many moons that it is practically a mini solar system on its own. Based on recent observations, the total number of moons that orbit Jupiter is now 67, a far cry from Galileo's discovery of its four major moons way back in the 1610.

Because of the massive planet, the gravity of Jupiter has attracted thousands of space objects trapping them in orbit. Aside from its moons, there are 6,000 asteroids sharing the gas giant's orbital path around the sun, and only one asteroid going against the flow. Scientists are still continually observing this peculiar asteroid and still tries to calculate if there is a chance of collision with the swarm of asteroids and possibly moons in the long run.

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