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Harvard Scientists Believe Weird Signals from Space Comes from Extragalactic Starship [Video]


Two Harvard scientists believed that weird signals from space came from starships that travel in galaxies outside of Milky Way. These signals, known as fast radio bursts or FRBs, have been a puzzle to scientists since they cannot identify the source.

Just recently, Harvard scientists Mansavi Lingam and Abraham Loeb concluded that these FRBs came from enormous radio transmitters that provided power to intergalactic species starships. Lingam is a scientist of Harvard while Loeb is from the Harvard Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics.

The two Harvard scientists believed that huge starships are travelling in the neighboring galaxies of Milky Way. Since carrying fuel could add weight to these spaceships that travel in space, a separate power source is used. Lingam and Loeb believed that the intergalactic space ships were powered by beams coming from the light of a distant star, according to The Economist.

As explained by the Harvard scientists, the process is similar to using solar energy from the sun. The only difference is that to maximize energy, the starships get power from the magnetic field spectrum instead of from the light itself. This power source has enormous capabilities since it represents the collective frequencies and wavelengths of an electromagnetic radiation.

The theory forwarded by the Harvard scientists seemed to confirm the presence of aliens. However, it agreed with the laws of physics and for the moment, it presented a believable answer to the mystery of FRBs.

In January, detection of two identical FRBs caused an excitement among scientists studying this phenomenon. When they traced the source, it came from a dwarf galaxy. It was expected that these FRBs come from huge galaxies with plenty of stars to produce these powerful radio bursts. However, an astronomer from UC Berkeley pointed out that this could be possible. A super luminous supernovae and long gamma ray bursts could produce fast radio bursts, according to C/Net.

Whatever the reason for these FRBs, they can be found in the vast unknown deep space. Unless someone goes there, all theories will just remain theories forever.

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