University of Connecticut Expels Kappa Sigma Fraternity Indefinitely for Student Death


Kappa Sigma Fraternity has been expelled by University of Connecticut following the death of a student last fall. The university announced that not only is the fraternity expelled, they will no longer be allowed to reorganize any time in the future. On the other hand, Delta Gamma sorority also announced that their UConn chapter will close following an investigation connected to what expelled Kappa Sigma.

It was a party that got out of hand and a death that shook the nation. Jeffny Pally, a minor and a Delta Gamma sorority member died because of a university fire rescue vehicle. She attended a party hosted by Kappa Sigma a night before and was ran over by the Chevy Tahoe emergency vehicle which was on its way to respond to a fire emergency the very next day, USA Today reported.

Pally was sleeping against the firehouse bay doors. She was apparently still unconscious when she fell back and got run over by the emergency vehicle. In February, six members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity were arrested for providing alcoholic beverages to underage people on that fateful night, including Pally.

UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said that although fraternities and sororities are allowed to re-form a few years after a sanction, Kappa Sigma fraternity will be banned forever. That's because the UConn chapter displayed a pattern of behavior and culture that are obviously harmful to those who are associated with it.

Although Delta Gamma only received suspension until May 2019, the national organization announced that they will be closing both UConn chapters altogether. Stacia Rudge Skoog, the fraternity's president, said their decision to revoke both chapters at UConn wasn't easy, The Daily Campus reported. But Skoog said the council feels like the decision is the best interest of the chapter and the UConn community.

An editorial regarding the issue said the brothers who have been arrested for Pally's death were only scapegoats. Their violation, which was distributing alcohol to minors in the campus, was a rule that is daily abused at UConn. Kappa Sigma fraternity has been at University of Connecticut since 1942.

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