Stamford Students Get Career Advice From Professionals [VIDEO]


High school seniors struggle to choose a path to follow after graduation. Career counselors have offered to help Stamford students decide on what and how to choose a career course in college.

One of the key factors that Thomas Stepkoski has shared that many students' neglects as they make their decision over the next several weeks is passion. The career counselor said it is not money, job market or peer pressure, having passion and the drive to look for what makes one happy will help them discover their career.

Stepkoski told a group in Westhill High School along with other career counselors such as Elizabeth Rodriguez, the city's public health emergency response coordinator. She told the students that if they have passion for something, their vision is going to be so big.

The session on Monday was not the only career advice shared with students at the Westhill Career Center. A variety of career professionals also presented this month as part of the school's first March Career Speaking Tour. Hundreds of seniors, juniors and yonger students were inspired by these professional on careers that they can take for higher education according the Stamford Advocate.

Speakers visited the school throughout the month and discussed their wokr, how they got there, what it took for them to get there and they also gave advice to students on how to stay on the right track. Some of the nearly 30 guest speakers were physical therapists, nutritionists, sports agents, massage therapists, animal trainers, food truck entrepreneurs, plumbers, auto mechanics, marketing directors and etc.

In partnership with the Stamford Public Education Foundation the initiative is ran by Stepkoski and Christine Mitchell, guidance counselor at Westhill High School. The goal is to engage students in conversations with career professionals. They wanted students to hear it straight from the professionals compared to just reading about it in books.

Ted Jankowski, the city's director of public safety, health and welfare said it's important for students to have an open mind and understand that careers can take turns. To have such flexibility, it's crucial to pursue a higher education and learn different trades.

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