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Public School Youth Take Measures Against Spread Of Fake News


The proliferation of fake news has been a major concern especially with the youth. Because of this, a group of public school students in Philadelphia have joined in the crusade to fight against fake news.

Mighty Writers, a non-profit group continues to education young people, especially children on the effects of fake news and how to combat it. They teach techniques to public school youths on how to recognize fake news and to fight it. The non-profit group boasts having 2,500 students under it anti-fake news drive with the help of a host of journalists, artists, teachers and writers.

Fake news has been the bane of professional and ethical journalism ever since. However, the problem is much felt today due to the massive development in communication and technology. The power of the internet coupled with unscrupulous news creators has poised a unique problem that needs to be solved. Various legislations are being studied on how to limit and even penalize spreading fake news, but none have yet been passed. This is what Mighty writers hope to combat and they aim to embolden the youth of America to take up arms and fight fake news. 

In a Brooklyn Middle School, sixth grade students have their news literacy class, which teaches methods on how to write news and in the process how to avoid spreading fake news. Marisol Solano, one of the teachers in the said school told New York times that they have been teaching how to verify news before the media began talking about fake news. Students are taught how to be responsible in spreading news, always teaching them to ask "Would I share this," before posting it on social media.

Responsibility is the main thing being strengthened by these organizations, and it is a trait that children today must have. As communication continues to improve and be enhanced through technology, America's youth should also improve and be enhanced on how they will treat information they get from any source and avoid being drawn in to untruth, deception and lies.

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