Confidence Boosters In College: Selfie Tricks You Need to Look Your Absolute Best


Selfie tips and tricks are hot these days especially for the younger generation whose needs seemed to include impressing classmates and peers. Everyone wants to look their absolute best whenever that camera is pointed at them. Taking a selfie is quite tricky but there are tips and tricks that work like magic. and it's most applicable for students and professionals alike.

There are different factors why selfies don't make anyone look their best all the time. These factors include wide angle distortion, lenses, superwide cameras that make users look like they came straight out from a Nickelodeon cartoon series. But there are ways to go around these limitations, IFL Science reported.

The first thing to remember is it's hard to look normal in a selfie. If one is aiming to look like a normal human being in a selfie, it's hard to achieve. Moreover, the smartphone doesn't even remotely make it easier.

Smartphone companies manufacture their products with wide angle lenses, which make selfies look funky as it stretches and distorts the face, especially when the one taking a selfie is at a college or house party where the light quality is quite low. Taking a selfie with these devices make selfies more unflattering. The range of focal length of these lenses are to blame.

Kim Kardashian knows this best, Marie Claire reported. When she takes a selfie, she keeps her chin down and she puts the camera up. This ensures that her features appear streamlined and any student of photography should know how to do that too.

It's also important to remember that ultra long lenses make faces look compressed or flat. The most ideal lens to use is the 85mm. It is middle ground and headshot professional photographers prefer it over others.

If you want to nail it like a pro, it's important to know that the distortion is at the edge of the frame. The distortion is farther highlighted when there's a body part projecting towards the edges of the camera frame.

Move the camera away and move your face at the center of the frame - these are the ultimate selfie tips and tricks you need. Make sure your forehead and your shin are away from the edges. This will result to a more flattering selfie.

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