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Ivy Leaguers and Brightest Movie Stars Named [Video]


Movie stars who had been alumni of Ivy League and those with IQ that could qualify them to Mensa International had been recently names in a magazine. Only one was did not graduate from Ivy League schools but he has an IQ that equals that of Albert Einstein.

Here is the list of the five movie stars who could still earn millions of dollars even if they leave acting to practice their other profession, according to The Daily Mail.

Jodie Foster

As a child, Jodie Foster studied French in a pre-school and graduated valedictorian. Her fluency in French language allowed her to dub her movies that were translated in that language. Later, her movie career slowed down and she decided to go back to school. She enrolled at Yale University where she took up Literature. She graduated in 1985 at the top of her class.

 Lisa Kudrow

The star of "Friends" has an IQ of 154 which is far beyond superior and is actress has an IQ of 154. She studied science at Vassar College in New York. Her father is a physician and she worked with him as a member of the research team for eight years. After her acting career took off, she worked as an actress full time.

Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles began her acting career at age 11. Later, she starred in "Bourne Identity" and "Last Dance". Despite her successful acting career, she went on with her studies in college. She enrolled at Columbia University where she graduated in 2005 with a degree in English Literature, according to Pop Crush.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone did not graduate from Ivy League schools but his IQ of 160 is said to be the as high as that of Einstein.He is not just an actor but also a writer. He wrote the script of his movie Rocky, which became a hit. He is also an artist and his paintings are sold at the range of $90,000 up.

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