Myths and Realities about College Admissions


The whole college admissions process can be stressful even to the most calm, organized, and cool groups of students. While it is highly encouraged to stay determined, passionate and ambitious when applying to their dream school, applicants should always be ready with a backup plan. It is also very important to learn and get accurate information about a school students apply to, because myths and rumors are not going to lead them anywhere.

Here are those myths that need to be addressed:

Admissions essays do not matter

While some schools have so many applicants leaving them not much time for essay reading, essays are still an important factor in an admission decision, according to The Washington Post. In fact, essays can be the determining factor especially when students have borderline grades and test scores.

Colleges are looking for well-rounded kids

What colleges actually want is a well-rounded class which means that all they want are a bunch of different talented and smart students, according to The Forbes. They want to put together a handful of academic scholars, some athletes, musicians, potential leaders etc. They don't necessarily look for all of these in just a single individual but they want to have students with passion.

Interviews do not count

Interviews is an important indication that the applicant is interested in the school. Going through the interview will definitely increase the applicant's chances of getting accepted, unlike the others who don't go through the process.

Asking for financial aid is a no-no

Asking for financial aid does not have a negative impact at some schools, while in some other schools, the need for financial aid can influence the make or break decision when it comes to the applicant's acceptance. But this does not mean that the student should not try at all.

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