Weird University Traditions In College Athletics


Universities each has their own traditions, some of which are weird and during game season. Here are some of those weird traditions in some of the universities across the United States.

University of Wisconsin - Jump Around

Imagine a fellow jumping around at a house party while House of Pain's "Jump Around" plays in the background. Think about not ten or 20 but 90,000 people doing that during a game.

Utah State University - I Believe Chant

The intensity of the chant gets stronger as each word of the sentence is added as the chant goes on. Then, it becomes more intense as they chant the whole sentence, "I believe that we will win" again and again. Anyone who hears it will not doubt the truth of the chant.

University of New Hampshire - Fish Throwing

This happens when the home hockey team scores their first goal, and the faithful toss a dead fish on the opposing team's goal. They clean it up immediate which is pretty cool and harmless but still weird.

University of California - Flagpole Kicking

It has become a tradition for the University of California basketball fans where they kick the bottom of the flagpoles on their way to the Los Angeles Coliseum. This is to bid their home team some luck before a game and, at the same time, to show off to the recruiting officers of LAPD.

University of Arkansas - Calling the Hogs

Although the tradition is called calling the hogs, the sound produced is more like a siren. The effect, however, will nonetheless elicit fear in the hearts of their opponents. This is kidding, of course, because the chant is rather cute at least in this video.

Ohio State University - Mirror Lake Jump

This tradition occurs at the eve of Ohio's annual match-up with Michigan. Students of OSU gather at midnight and jump at an on-campus lake as they try to swim out of Ohio. So far, there has been no report that anyone has succeeded in doing that.

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