Do Something you Love - the Only College Application Tip Students Need


The best candidates for college are those who pursue activities that they love for their intrinsic value and not just doing things for the sake of extrinsic rewards. College applicants who use the word "passion" to make their college resume look good are most likely not to be passionate in their activities. Perry Asibey-Bonsu, the author of "This Book Has No Spine" suggests that some of the best applicants are those who pursue what they truly love, or what they are really passionate about.

According to Asibey-Bonsu, his high school has become a venue where he could develop his talents, and he wants to attend a college that would do the same, Forbes reported. He said he wants a community that embraces mistakes, victories, both large and small, and the right amount of discomfort to shed tight skin every semester. These characteristics of a college would bring the best experience for students in a higher education institution, according to Asibey-Bonsu.

The college applicant should choose must be more than just for the sake of diploma, but it must be something students can look beyond and see what they can truly become - this is the ultimate college application tip one must remember. The college institution should bring a transformative experience to the student. Students, not just those who are about to graduate high school, should think of these factors when choosing which college they will attend.

Wofford College vice president for enrolment Brad Stille said they are not finding mistakes in the applications of incoming college students, Greenville Online reported. Students who are about to graduate high school should keep this in mind, he said. He said admissions only want to help incoming college students on their way to higher education.

Some common mistakes in applying for colleges are missing deadlines and using other college names on their applications. Copy pasting certain information without even editing them could also be a fatal mistake for college applicants, he said. Not all colleges are looking for the same things, which make having the same information in all applications not a good idea.

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