Sperm Counter App Finally Available; Motility and Fertility Tester Is 98% Accurate


A new smartphone device can finally measure men's sperm count. The technology takes only five seconds to work and is 98 percent accurate. It is also very cheap at only $4.45.

The technology involves a microfluid chip that can slurp up sperm to test the motility of men's sperms, ARS Technica reported. The device is easy to use and requires no training from the user. Researchers believe that it will help couples who are trying to conceive children.

The sperm counter app technology will also help couples who are trying to avoid getting pregnant for the moment. According to research, there are more than 30 million males suffering from fertility issues in their life. Couples living in remote areas may not have the proper equipment to measure their fertility.

According to the authors of the new technology, there are 45 million couples in the world who have infertility issues, and more than 40 percent involve male fertility. The authors also said that 12 percent of men worldwide will go through fertility issues some time in their lives.

Also, men who had their vasectomy need to monitor their sperm count to determine if the procedure is effective. The new sperm measuring technology can also be a big help in this area. The makers of the technology need approval from the Food and Drug Administration and commercialize it before making it available for the public.

Harvard researchers developed the new sperm counter app, Tech Times reported. The technology uses a smartphone app that has 3D-printed optical attachment where the sample sperm cells videos are logged. After that, computer algorithms will analyze the videos to measure the sperms.

The team developed a 3D-printing case that can fit into smartphones, including LG G4. Moto G4, Moto X, phones. The case has battery, pick up head lenses, and LED. It also has a disposable microchip that has a bulb that can hold up to 35 microliters of sperms.


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