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Mar 23, 2017 01:43 PM EDT

Archeologists Discover 4,000-year-old Unopened Egyptian Tomb


A big day in Egyptian archeology as a new, unopened tomb was discovered in West Aswan, Egypt. The discovery was the result of a Spanish archeological mission in the area, aimed to reveal the hidden secrets of this ancient Egyptian burial area.

According to Egyptianstreets.com, the tomb belonged to the brother of Sarenput II, an important governor during the 12th dynasty. However, the real surprise is that the tomb is kept intact for almost 4,000 years and most of the burial items are still recovered.

Egyptian burial ceremonies, as detailed out in the Ancient History Encyclopedia, are complicated rituals that involved a lot of preparation and burial items. Ancient Egyptians believe that the afterlife is mirrored to the life on Earth and as one needs goods while alive, also needs goods when journeying to the field of Reeds, the ancient Egyptian's version of paradise.

The burial tomb still had the ceremonial funerary items like pottery, the wooden coffins, wooden boats and more. It is a major find and it energizes Egyptian archeology that there are still more secrets in this area waiting to be discovered. All finds will give more insight to what life is during ancient times and finally have a better picture on how human society developed and how it managed to create civilizations like what Ancient Egypt was.

Egyptian archeology is in the limelight today, after a string of major discoveries have been made during the past decade. The recent was the discovery of a statue in Cairo, which many believe to be the likeness of Pharaoh Ramses II. This is a great time in Egyptian history and archeology and many are starting to book their expeditions to uncover more secrets in this ancient and beautiful land. More expeditions are expected to unravel the mysteries of Aswan and it is just a matter of time when another find would fill the news.

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