Adobe Gets A Huge Makeover, Announces New Capabilities And A Huge Marketing Play [VIDEO]


Adobe is getting some huge makeover and new technologies on board. At this week's big Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, the San Jose-based software company introduced a variety of new technologies, including the new Alexa and Microsoft HoloLens integrations. Adobe made the big reveal this week.

For Adobe, augmented reality can be a big part of Adobe's newest projects. It can form a bridge between its newer positioning as a provider of analytics and its traditional core business, which is the web development and creative content software. The addition of the Microsoft Hololens to the mix has just shown the kind of visualization augmented reality can achieve these days.

Recently, the Adobe team made a Hololens demonstration, showing to the world what kind of stuff augmented reality can achieve in the retailers' settings. The Microsoft technology can be used by retailers to visualize sales data, providing them a bird's eye view of everything and know how these various items work. The tool can also help retailers in decision making, like for example, in deciding to emphasize the most popular items in the store. Additionally, retailers can also get creative and adds sensors on those items to see which products really generating the hit.

As for the Alexa integration, the web application company wants to personalize Amazon Alexa, makes some integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud to make it possible for consumers to ask the Amazon digital assistant for their reward status for a hotel chain or airline. The digital assistant Alexa could then use those customer profile data to make some recommendations or activities that take advantage of those rewards, according to GeekWire.

In other Adobe-related news, the San Jose-based software creative content and web development company has made a huge announcement that it will unify all of its digital businesses into a single cloud-based platform called Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe made the huge announcement at this week's Adobe's 2017 Digital Marketing Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Adobe is taking a great leap from a developer of creative software applications to a more focused kind of company that addresses the business needs of its media customers. The result of this huge makeover is the Adobe Experience Cloud, software suites designed to address marketing, advertising and analytics needs of its digital customers.

There's a pure marketing play at Adobe's latest moves. The company is pulling its various digital cloud arms, which include Creative, Document, Marketing, Analytics and the new Advertising Cloud, into a single enterprise cloud-based platform. Adobe is getting serious now when it comes to cloud-based offerings and the recent introduction of Adobe Experience Cloud is the company's first big step towards the cloud.

Overall, Adobe has made some pretty smart moves this week, first, the company introduced the Advertising Cloud as a new way to let companies access Adobe's data when buying media. Then, it's debuted an expanded partnership with another tech behemoth to share sales and marketing data. Adobe's big Summit Conference on Las Nevada will end on March 23.

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