Picking the Right College: 3 Important Student Debt Questions To Ask


For students who are just about to attend college, one of the most pressing concerns is the cost. While the tuition and other expenses for college education vary depending on the school, it is still not cheap to go to college.

Studying in the United States can cost around $33,000 for a year, according to Top Universities, and that is still a significant amount of money. It is why it is better to take time to do research for financial aids, scholarships, and grants, so that students and families can have plenty of time to compare the costs. And for students who need guidance in choosing the right college based on how they will have to spend, here are a few helpful questions to ask, according to US News.

How much will I have to repay for my full education?

More often than not, financial aid awards only cover one year, and that is why incoming freshman students must also check how much their entire college tuition will cost, because they may be compelled to borrow every year after graduation. The amount they will also have to borrow for loans will have to be considered, including the interest and the monthly payments after graduation.

Will I Have to Turn to Parent PLUS or Private Loans?

It is not entirely a bad choice to turn to a Parent Plus loan or private loan, especially if federal loans will not be enough to provide the financial support a student needs to attend their dream school. It's just that these loans do not offer the same flexible repayment options as the federal loans.

Did I Use All the Free Resources Available?

College financial aid officers would be a perfect place for students to start when dealing with the financial aid process. There are also some free resources and tools available for students to use, to make sure they are guided well in weighing their options when choosing a college.

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