College-Planning Tips High School Students Must Heed


College preparations often take place during a student's junior and senior year, but it is never too early for sophomores to actually begin. In fact, the sophomore year is an excellent time to get started on the college process, because with careful planning, a student can improve his credentials and increase their chances of getting accepted to their preferred schools.

Here are some tips for the 10th graders and families on early college planning.

  •  For the students who have participated on any practice tests, it is time to correct and learn from their mistake as early as possible, according to WBUR90.9. It is advised to have the results reviewed with the help of the school counselor, and reaching out to other high school teachers for assistance. There are also free online test preparation tools that students can take advantage of.
  •  Stay focused on academics, according to In Like Me, because one of the most important considerations in college is a student's challenging curriculum and strong grades. This is why it is important to think hard and think twice about dropping any subject and settling an easier one. Rigorous courses shows how willing a student is when it comes to facing challenges and igniting intellectual curiosity. Aside from these, a student may also be offered merit scholarships for having an impressive academic record.
  •  Students should take ownership of their education. They must be proactive to seek help from their best resources persons which are their teachers. They can also reach out to their mentors and school counselors to give them guidance on how they can better prepare for the next test.
  •  Start keeping a journal. It is a lot better for students to discover the things that they like and dislike, as early as possible. This will help them decide the major they want to take in college, the college or university they want to attend, the clubs and groups they would be interested to join in.

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