Harvard University Condemns President Trump's Budget Proposal


The Harvard University community has described President Trump's budget proposal as "devastating." This comes after the administration has announced that it will cut funding for the arts, humanities and sciences.

The "America First" budget was released on Thursday. The Atlantic reported that the administration will be cutting funds for the Department of Education by 13.5 percent or about $9.2 billion.

However, it was noted that President Trump's budget proposal is still just a blueprint. Lawmakers will draft their own budget proposals and the plan that Congress passes will form the basis of the appropriation bills that fund the government.

According to Michigan Daily, the proposed budget will reduce or cut funding for over 20 departmental programs. It suggested the removal of $2.4 billion in grants for teacher training and $1.2 billion in funding for after-school programs.

At a rally in Tennessee, President Trump defended the proposal saying that the budget will lower costs to the taxpayer by reducing or removing funding for ineffective or duplicate programs. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos promised that the most "vulnerable" students will be protected even with the large cuts made.

In The Harvard Crimson, university spokesperson David J. Cameron said that the budget represents a "significant retreat" from the federal government's partnership with research universities. This has resulted to the improvement in the nation's economy and public health.

There had been concerns about the cut to the funding for federal programs vital for university research agendas. Professors of arts and humanities are specifically worried about the future if ever Congress passes President Trump's budget proposal.

Music Department Chair Suzannah Clark admitted that the proposed funding cut is already damaging to consider. This is because it shows the people of America and the world that intellectual things are not being given importance.

Scientists have organized a "March for Science" to be held in April. This is intended to be a celebration of the passion for science as well as a call for support and safeguard the scientific community.

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