Android O Features And Details Starts Trickling In, Shows A Lot Of Promising Capabilities


Google is prepping up the release of its next major Android OS. Which would also mean a lot of speculation and rumors would also start coming in thick.

Android O artificial intelligence

Perhaps one feature that is to be expected is an improved AI interface. The feature is not far-fetched considering Google Assistant would have been fully rolled out to all android devices by the time Android O comes out.

Android O rumored features

Android O is said to be a substantial update from that of Nougat. The first speculated feature is its ability to provide new notifications, including a picture-in-picture mode, according to 9To5Google. It is not exactly clear at this point, what "new notifications" mean for the upcoming OS. It could only be speculated that the notification feature might have a new interface on how it presents itself from that of the system used in Android N.

Like those featured in iPads, Android O is speculated to feature Picture-in-Picture mode. How this is to be executed in mobile phones is still unclear, or it could be assumed that the feature will be mostly used in Android-powered tablets running Android TV.

Active notifications will have App icon badges in Android O. Accordingly, the user would be able to tell at a glance how many notifications they have for any given app by merely looking at the home screen. A welcome feature that should have been implemented for years, says pundits.

Another feature speculated to be incorporated into Android O is called "Copy Less." It apparently works much like a "smart text selection floating toolbar" that supposedly copies relevant information from any given app and then resurfaces them when needed.

It is also vague on how another rumored feature will pan out, called "Adaptive Icons." It could probably mean that the icons change appearance or colors once the app is active or in use, much like the feature that is currently in use with Google Pixel.

Android O is also speculated to have lots of improvement to its MediaRecorder API. Whatever improvement to be done here is definitely welcome. It is certainly hoped that it features a smoother interface in capturing audio and video.

Tons of Enterprise stuff is also being floated for Android O. Whatever this could mean and what it incorporates is still subject to more speculations. However, Google has been adding enterprise features to Android for several years. Whatever new enterprise functions are to be incorporated, we all have to just wait and see.

It is expected that Google will unveil Android O during it I/O conference to be held on May 17-19. Accordingly, the search giant will release a series of work-in-progress developer previews, if history is to be observed ahead of the public launch in fall, Digital Trends reported.

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