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Nintendo Switch Adds 5 New Games This Week; Limited Stock Keeps Prices High But Not For Long


The Nintendo Switch had a busy week with five new games released the latest of which is "The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+" on March 17 and the "King of Fighter '94" also expected to arrive this week in the Nintendo eShop. As Nintendo steadily expands the games lineup, it is also beefing up stock availability to as much as 16 million units for just 2017, which will keep the steep premium back to MSRP once supply is high.

This week brings good news to the Nintendo Switch community as 5 new games have just been added to the lineup. To join the two already mentioned games to complete the 5 new releases are the "Human Resource Machine," "Little Inferno," and the recently debuted "World of Goo." Last week, 8 new titles have been added, which aligns to Nintendo's promise to steadily strengthen the Switch games lineup over the course of 12 months. Other big releases to arrive include the "Mario Kart 8," "Splatoon 2," and the "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim."

Also for this week will see the "Splatoon" Global TestFire going live to download, according to Express Online. Those who want to test the new "Splatoon 2" beta will need to go to the Nintendo eShop and download the 480MB beta client. The said beta version is not yet released but will soon be for fans who want to test out the game before it formally launches. This will entail 6 separate multiplayer sessions for one hour each from March 24 to 26 where fans will also get to try four new weapons like the new Splat Dualies.

Meanwhile, there's bad new for those who have not pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch for they will have to buy it at a steep premium. Demand for the hybrid console has been soaring ever since it launched and restocks are soon depleted within minutes. The stock availability has been sporadic and most will have to rely on sheer luck to get one at original MSRP of $300. However, a new WSJ report says that Nintendo may be finally acceding to demands and will ship out 16 million units of the latest console for 2017 alone, according to TNW.

The Nintendo Switch will have outsold the 13.5 million units of the Wii U in a span of four years, but still, trails behind the 17 million units Wii sold for its first year but not for long. The report says that Nintendo will initially ship out 8 million then gradually targeting a total of 16 million units before the holidays begin. This means that the Switch may even outsell the Wii once the holidays kicks in and a stronger games lineup becomes available.

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