Windows 10 Servicing Stack And Cumulative Updates Cripple PCs

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Security updates were released by Microsoft as part of its Patch Tuesday last March 14, with no known issues encountered. However, it now seems that Windows 10 users are having issues with their machines after patching the updates to their computer systems.

According to Reddit, users reported that this week's round of Windows 10 updates purportedly crippled their machines. The discussions revealed that after installing the updates, several systems ceased operating and caused launch failures with its apps. Some also reported that the Start menu and OS features were affected as well.

Removing the updates has proven to be a bust, for there are users who complained that uninstalling the updates is not even possible. Restoring the system to a previous state also proved futile, as the Windows rollback feature likewise, failed to launch. A major dilemma is that the Windows extreme and ultimate workaround, resetting Windows also reportedly failed.

Computerworld reported that the most likely culprit was 'KB4013418' update. The update was simply labeled as "Update for Windows 10 Version 1607." Support documents that came with the update tagged it as a "servicing stack update."

Additionally, another patch that came with Patch Tuesday, 'KB4013429,' is also causing problems by crashing apps and broken OS features. Several users also reported that Windows DVD Player ceased working after installing the cumulative update.

The only workaround users found is to completely remove KB4013429 update that is if you can get to it. However, if you are lucky enough to reach it, KB4013429 is a cumulative update, which means it includes security fixes, therefore, removing the update means the system might become vulnerable to attacks from those who would exploit these unpatched flaws, Softpedia reported.

Another unfortunate effect of the updates is that some users report that File Explorer will not work. It is also found that VPN cannot connect to the internet. Although being given confirmation that connection has been established, websites do not run in any browser once invoked.

Other users surmised that one of the March 14 updates is corrupting the user profile. A simple creation of creating a new user account and migrating all data to it seemed to work for a number of users, but not for all. There has been no word from Microsoft, as of this writing, on how it is going to address these issues.

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