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Student Immigrants Receive Legal Assistance From US Universities Regarding H-1B Visa [Video]


The American Association of Universities pledged to provide legal assistance to student immigrants regarding their H-1B Visa. The decision was made after the Trump Administration implemented new laws regarding visa for foreign students. 

The American Association of Universities has 25 university members. Several of these universities belonged to the Ivy League. Virginia and Northwestern institutions of higher education also joined the group. Aside from providing legal assistance to student immigrants, high officials of these universities lobbied at Congress. They tried to convince US legislators that banning foreign students could hurt the country's economy, according to The Economic Times.

The latest headcount of foreign nationals enrolled in US universities was more than a million. Sending home these students would have adverse effects on the universities. It would affect the economy of the United States as well.

Leading law schools in the country were among those in the forefront to help student immigrants regarding their H-1B visa. Yale encouraged those from 6 banned countries to pursue their studies. The biggest number of student immigrants in Yale came from China and India. The university's president promised to keep the doors of Yale always open to these foreign students.

Harvard, the number -three law school in the US had initiated talks with legislators regarding the status of student immigrants. Aside from legal advice, Harvard University offered counseling services, legal guidance and immigration advice. Harvard doubled its efforts in informing student immigrants where they could seek help regarding their H-1B visa, according to Harvard Gazette.

Other universities did the same. The University of Maryland, for example, exerted effort to help foreign students. It provided information as to where students can ask for help regarding their visa. Faculty and staff were asked not to ask about immigration status of students,, according to University Herald.

With the help of these universities, student immigrants would be encouraged to remain in the country. More would come to enroll as well.

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