Snapchat Copycat Facebook Stories Makes People Want To Unfriend Contacts; Will Twitter Follow?


Snapchat cloning isn't going away anytime soon. After Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook is the latest popular social media app that borrowed one of the platform's features -- Snapchat Stories.

Much like the original, Facebook Stories will put photos at the top of the mobile app and they will disappear after 24 hours. The feature is still being tested, so don't expect it on your Facebook mobile app anytime soon.

Facebook Stories was first tested in handpicked iOS and Android users in January and earlier this week began rolling out to select users in Chile, Greece and Vietnam, Adweek listed. The feature revamps the "What's on your mind?" catchphrase of Facebook.

However, that status update composer only pertains to text posts, and Facebook wants to expand that by introducing photos and videos. After all, it seems easier and more fun to just record yourself doing the most mundane things out of your day-to-day life, instead of typing a text post that everyone will likely just scroll past.

Photos and videos on Facebook Stories will be eye-catching and silly, as is majority of things on the internet today. Some of the feature's effects are interactive masks, frames, funny hats, outrageous facial expressions and virtual stars sticking on your eyes. These effects will be refreshed frequently so users won't get bored over the same thing.

The feature is displayed via users' Timelines and News Feeds, but can also be shared via Direct option to a certain group of people like your family and closest friends. Sharing via Direct will allow Facebook Stories to be viewed twice. To use the feature, users need only to tap the camera icon located on the top left corner of the screen or swipe left on the News Feed.

Facebook Stories will no doubt delight the platform's numerous subscribers. Those with Snapchat and Instagram, however, may find the feature tiring and overrated.

One user said that Facebook Stories is "a bloody headache" because it's already available on other social media sites. Another user said that the feature makes him want to delete "a lot of people" off of his Facebook. The feature is somewhat similar to Messenger Day, but the latter's only visible on Messenger and not the Facebook home page.

The silver lining of all these is Twitter doesn't look too eager in following those sites' footsteps. The social networking service seems content in displaying photos and videos the regular way, though they also offer live streaming.

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