Andromeda OS Reportedly Renamed as Fuchsia OS; Set to Eliminate All Android OS Versions

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Google has already confirmed the uncertainty of Andromeda OS when the search giant announced the discontinuation of Chromebook Pixel laptop. However, recent reports suggest that Andromeda OS has not literally discontinued as well but has been renamed into Fuchsia OS that is reportedly replacing all Android OS versions.

All the Speculations About Fuchsia OS

Everyone has settled down when Google announced the uncertainty of Andromeda OS' fate but a known tech analyst has revealed some of the evidences that the impending OS has not been totally scratched off. Daniel Matte, a tech blogger claims that Android and Chrome OS is actually merging and will be called Fuchsia OS, Android Authority reported.

Furthermore, Matte suggest that the purported Google's Fuchsia OS will work on different devices may it be smartphones, smartwatches, tablets or even laptops for that matter. The presumed OS will be Google's response to Apple's iOS where seamless updates are expected through building a certain environment.

Will Fuchsia Replaced Android Immediately

When it comes to laptops and PC, Fuchsia OS is also presumed to be more like the Chrome OS only that it has backward compatibility with Android applications. Also, the new OS is said to provide solutions to the recurring carrier/OEM problems on Android's fragmentation issue.

While Fuchsia OS is reportedly under development, Android OS versions are unlikely to be scraped off from the picture immediately. In fact, according to BGR, the impending Andromeda OS is reportedly based on Android platforms; thus, the new OS aims to expand the popular mobile operating system's reach.

Although Daniel Matte's revelation about Fuchsia OS has not been totally accepted by the tech world, there are others who believe that the Google is certainly finding ways to solve the fragmentation issues of Android. While others believe that Android and Chrome OS should be fine working separately, other believe that Fuchsia OS (if translated into reality) will be the next big thing about Google, Android Police reported.

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