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Dungeons and Dragons App: Your Favorite Game Finally Goes Digital


"Dungeons and Dragons" will finally enter the digital world through a modern gaming management toolset called "Dungeons and Dragons Beyond." Its beta version is set for release this summer. The app was developed in partnership with Curse, the communications platform acquired by Twitch in August.

Publisher Wizards of the Coast revealed some of the important details about the online D&D game last week during the PAX East press release, Polygon reported. The game is specifically created for fifth edition rules, and will include digital character sheets, character builder, and rules compendium, to name a few. The app, which will work on any mobile device, is developed to enhance the game management experience of Dungeon Masters and players.

The game has tried to transition to the digital world with certain accessories in the past like TSR's "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons CD-ROM Core Rules" over two decades ago, while there has been PDF versions of character sheets that can be downloaded online, The Verge reported. Meanwhile, there has been a lot of unofficial home-made tools and digital programs for players to streamline their characters and look for rules. Now, the "Dungeons and Dragons Beyond" brings the digital version of the character sheet to make it easier for players on the same table to enjoy the game.

The D&D Beyond platform by Curse can support online play, voice chat, and video chat. The creators also have offline capabilities in mind allowing players to access their characters through WiFi. Fans can access a small number of characters with their free "Dungeons and Dragons Beyond" account.

There are no official pricing announced, but fans can buy official "Dungeons and Dragons" content from the fifth edition products with a wide range of purchase options. This means fans can choose to pay only for the D&D content they need. They can also choose to buy all the content at once.

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